The Promise of Smart Drugs - Pacific Standard

Drugs are bad m’kay.

posted 2 days ago

The Lethality of Loneliness - The New Republic

Just overflowing with interesting behavioral science research.

posted 4 days ago

Race Without Color - Discover Magazine

by Jared Diamond

posted 1 month ago

The New Science of Evolutionary Forecasting | Quanta Magazine

posted 1 month ago

A Gripping Dispatch From Africa's Scariest Conflict - The New Republic

The Central African Republic, a poltico-religious war with no end in sight.

posted 1 month ago

Destroy All Monsters - The New Inquiry

What Godzilla is really about.

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Prison Is a Great Place to Get Reading Done - New Yorker

10 years and 1,046 books later.

posted 1 month ago

The History of Mana: How an Austronesian Concept Became a Video Game Mechanic—Vol. 2, No. 2

How did an Austronesian term get built into the design of video games and become a global phenomenon?

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The Physiological and Psychological Effects of Modern Day Pornography

Maybe a little biased but extensively sourced. Plus, you should know these things.

posted 2 months ago

In the Violent Favelas of Brazil - New York Review of Books

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The Dark and Dangerous World of Extreme Cavers - The New Yorker

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Cloudy With a Chance Of... - The Economist

A short description of some prevailing phenomena in the weather system.

posted 6 months ago

The Quantum Mechanics of Fate - Nautilus

posted 6 months ago

Inside Monopoly's Secret War Against the Third Reich - Eurogamer

Tinker, tailor, soldier, real estate agent.

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Fortune’s Wheel - Lapham's Quarterly

"Modern games of chance reenact ancient rituals of divination … designed to provide glimpses of the sacred and to conjure luck or its spiritual equivalent, grace."

posted 6 months ago